Marcos Lies is a compilation of essays written by the researchers of the UP Third World Studies Center on various lies that the Marcoses have either concocted or have done nothing to correct, lies that aided them in pursuit of power and plunder. This book shows how the lies were crafted and who enabled the Marcoses to foster their falsity on their targeted audience or those who knew the truth but have chosen to be silent.
Pick-up at UP Diliman - PHP 1,500.00
Courier - PHP 1,500.00 + Shipping Fee
- Within NCR (+250 PHP for first copy; +100 PHP for each additional copy)
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The book's 360 pages contain 125,877 words spread in 31 chapters. It also has 13 appendixes of rare archival materials and 109 photographs and illustrations. The book is 9.5 x 12 inches, softbound, printed in 110 gsm (grams per square meter) paper and weighs about 1.2 kilograms.
A magnificent volume putting in print the work they originally published online in Vera Files. It’s a massive book filled with copies of archival documents to support the pieces covering multiple aspects of FM and co.
--Manolo Quezon, Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist
The articles in the 1.2 kilogram-tome are supported by documents – news reports and diplomatic cables, transcript of congressional investigations and other materials, various fragments of data that, when put together, offer a clear view of the truth that the Marcoses have either hidden or twisted. Some of those articles have been published in VERA Files.
--Ellen T. Tordesillas, president, Vera Files
Although as a book it is a work of excellent scholarship, it was first a series of online articles, a fine contribution to public history. But the compilation is cohesive. The 31 chapters in the book is perhaps one of the, if not the, most comprehensive reply and exposition of evidence against the major historical distortions, or as the title simply puts, lies about the dictatorship. It is readable and easy to follow.
Even one is familiar with some of the arguments of the book, the research was so deep many of the evidence they found were hitherto unknown and will be fresh even to most historians and teachers.
--Xiao Chua, historian